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Here you will find access to all of the resources you need to do your job. If something is missing make sure you request to have it added asap.


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You should have received an email yesterday from Wishlist Member which gives you access to the Staff Portal. If you haven’t received this or if you have lost this Tessa or Mona can always re-set it for you.

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Here you will find access to all of the resources you need to do your job. Can’t remember the name of the website where you log your leave applications or download your payslips? Never fear its all here!

If something is missing, make sure you request Mona or Tessa who is both administrators to have it added asap. My parting advice to you is to always add resources as you go. Sign up to a new work-based app? Add it! Source a new supplier or contract? Add them! Designed a new administration template? Upload them to the media centre and add the link!

Parting Advice

The Business Plan, Marketing Matrix and Budget will help you to stay on track. Just stay calm, carry on and stick to the plan! If ever in doubt always first refer to the Business Plan, Marketing Matrix and Budget. If you are requested by a volunteer to start a new project that hasn’t already got board approval my parting advice is to contact the board at board2020@finemsuicsydney.com and request them to confirm minutes that document approval for the project and budget etc to complete the project.  


This menu includes all operational documents. Find the Business Plan, Strategic Plan, Marketing Matrix and Budget here. Remind the incoming General Manager that these all need to be updated before June 30th and approved by the board in preparation for the next FY. Also, remember that the auditors will ask for these!


This menu includes all of the Human Resources related resources. You will find an overview and all of your confirmed position descriptions here. You can access Fairwork Statements and your related Industry Awards here. Remember to log your hours using Clockify every, month. Your logs will be used in the mandatory annual audit to help determine you are being paid correctly. Don’t forget to log all of your leave and TOIL applications in your Paysonline account. You can also download all of your payslips here.


This menu includes all of the administration related apps and software that we use. If anything is missing please add it asap. I think that all of the audio apps need to be added here.


This menu includes direct links to all of the legislation that the staff team needs and indeed our organisation needs to abide by. I urge you to read these and to refer to them whenever in doubt.


This menu includes direct links to all of our industry-related bodies.


This menu includes links to downloadable templates and style guides.
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This menu links directly to our main website.

Volunteer Portal

This menu links directly to our organisations Volunteer Portal where you will find our complete Policy in Procedure Manual and a variety of other resources to support our Volunteers. Contact Sue Nicholas if you are having problems logging in.

Support & Suppliers
This menu includes a variety of direct links to our preferred suppliers and support contractors.

This menu includes links to download any training manuals we have created internally. Please keep uploading more of these as you create them to the media centre while creating links to them in the menu.

Rebecca Beare


Fine Music Sydney is owned and operated by the Music Broadcasting Society of New South Wales Co-operative Limited. Fine Music is a registered charitable organisation with a Charity Fundraising Number and is listed with the Register of Cultural Organisations. Fine Music Sydney is a Community Radio station and a member of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia. Fine Music Sydney (formerly known as 2MBS and Fine Music 102.5) is Australia’s first stereo FM radio station. The station was officially opened on 1 February 1975 and we have now been on air for over 45 years. Fine Music Sydney plays an important role in encouraging emerging musicians and music lovers in their ambitions to be professional musicians or broadcasters. Fine Music Sydney is an integral part of Sydney’s cultural landscape promoting and encouraging an active live classical and jazz music scene in our community and supporting music education. The Fine Music Emerging Artist program includes: Artists in Residence, Young Composer Award, Young Virtuoso Award, Stefan Kruger Scholarship, Ken Weatherly Jazz Scholarship and our Emerging Artist Workshops and Fine Music Showcase broadcasts. 

Mission Statement
​​To share the love of fine music through broadcasting

1. To be Sydney’s preferred broadcaster of classical music, jazz and other specialist music genres
2. To maintain and improve high standards in all we do
3. To promote Australian musicians and composers, with particular focus on the young
4. To provide a supportive and enjoyable work environment for volunteers and staff
​5. To develop a sustainable financial model for the organisation


Vice Regal Patron: Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley AO QC, Governor of New South Wales 
Honorary Patron: Professor The Honourable Dame Marie Bashir AD CVO
Artistic Patrons: Elena Kats-Chernin, Simon Tedeschi, Richard Tognetti AO, Brett Weymark
Emerging Artists Patron: Toby Thatcher


Young Composer Award 2019: Callum O’Reilly
Young Virtuoso Award 2019: Justinn Lu
Kruger Scholar 2020: Harry Sdraulig
Weatherly Scholar 2020: Kate Wadey
Artist in Residence 2020: Marais Project
Associate Artist in Residence 2019: States of Chaos


It is important to note that apart from a small staff team, Fine Music Sydney functions through the involvement of dedicated volunteers who generously contribute their time and talents across all aspects of the radio station.

 Michael Morton-Evans OAM Deputy Chair: Roger Doyle Secretary: Robert Gilchrist Directors: Nicky Gluch, Sue Jowell,
Jayson McBride, Sue Ping Kee, Peter Poole Appointed Directors: Bruce Hambrett, Peter Stavrianos


Acting General Manager: Michael Morton -Evans

STAFF: General Manager: TBC Marketing and PR Manager: Mona Omar Studio and Production Manager: Joe Goddard
Office Manager: Sharon Sullivan Digital Content Producer: Lyndon Pike Executive Assistant: Tessa Miles

TECHNICAL ADVISORS: Honorary Technical Advisor: Max Benyon OAM, Broadcast Engineer: John Shenstone
Broadcast Systems Engineer: Roger Doyle, Information Technology Consultant Peter Bell, Recording Engineer: Jayson McBride

COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Acting General Manager: Michael Morton -Evans Jazz: Jeannie McInnes Library: Rex Burgess Presenters: Michael Field AM
Programming: James Nightingale Technical: Peter Bell Volunteers: Sue Nicholas Finance: Peter Poole WHS: Sharon Sullivan

The Business

Business name 1#: Music Broadcasting Society of NSW Co-Operative 
Limited Business name 2#: Fine Music Sydney
Business structure: Co-Operative Limited
ABN: 64 379 540 010
TFN: 42 897 459
CFN: 10603
GST: Registered

Business & Studio location: 72-76 Chandos Street, St Leonards, NSW 2065, Australia
Transmitter location: Floor 64, Governor Phillip Tower/ 1 Farrer Place, Sydney, NSW 2000
Date established: 15 December 1974
Names of owners: Music Broadcasting Society of New South Wales Cooperative Limited